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Colleges and Schools Highlights

November 1st, 2015 Posted in Highlights

Mayborn School of Journalism

Pamela Skjolsvik, current UNT student in the MLS program, recently launched her new book Death Becomes Us on November 1 at the Neptune Society in Fort Worth. Skjolsvik is a three-time winner at the Mayborn Nonfiction Conference. Death Becomes Us won second place at the Mayborn in 2013.


College of Engineering

Check out these College of Engineering updates:

UNT Engineering Career Fair Draws Record Number of Attendees

IEEE Computer Society Hosts Guest Speakers Team IlluminUNTis

IEEE Computer Society Hosts Guest Speakers Team IlluminUNTis

College of Engineering Undergraduate Student, Alumna Earn Recognition from UNT


College of Arts and Sciences

xREZ Lab at UNT: Where the Arts and Sciences Collide

The xREZ Art + Science Lab and Creative Studio might be UNT’s best kept secret. Their workspace housed in Hickory Hall is small, but the ideas that come out of it are anything but. The research team is purposely made up of a variety disciplines, such as psychology, computer engineering, sculpture, and composition. The College of Arts and Sciences is the largest college at the University of North Texas, and naturally was curious how students from disciplines with seemingly no overlap were working together.


Get Funded! Workshop, developed and co-led by Prof. West, Prof. Duban and Librarian Barham.

Emma Carnes sat down with the team to find out what it is like to do interdisciplinary research between the arts and sciences. Meghan Kajihara, a senior in anthropology, said, “We get along weirdly well.”

The team agreed that they feel well prepared to enter an interdisciplinary world and have learned how to internalize new information quickly. Political science major, Lucero Cantu, enjoys what she calls the “multi-dimensional thinking and problem-solving” of the workplace.


Figure 2 Interacting with large-scale metagenomics data in a virtual world. ATLAS in silico is
one of Prof. West’s art-science research projects.

Ruth West, the xREZ lab director, classifies
herself as a creative catalyst. She is an
associate professor at UNT, cross-appointed in multiple colleges, including CVAD, COI, COE and a courtesy appointment in the College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Biology. She hopes to open new portals between art and science to create breakthrough solutions to our most pressing global problems.

The xREZ lab has already demonstrated that they can create solutions. Their collaborative project with researchers at WUSTL and UVM, Re-Photo is in use worldwide, and is being used to monitor water management in Tasmania, and their ongoing research in 3D segmentation will affect researchers in many disciplines, including archeologists who use 3D segmentation to make models before excavation and surgeons who make 3D models before surgery. Ruth says, “All of the projects create change by getting people to think about things they took for granted, that they thought they understood, in a new way.”


Figure 3 White board of discussion in the lab on bridging art and science.

The lab has been open since the spring of 2014. “This lab”, West says, “is still an experiment.” The College of Arts and Sciences looks forward to seeing future interdisciplinary research between our students in the college and beyond.

Follow the University of North Texas College of Arts and Sciences:
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College of Business

Student Investment Group Summit

The Student Investment Group (SIG) is a financial management organization based in the College of Business with a vision “to offer students and SIG members the opportunity to experience investing, receive education on investment related topics, and empower them academically and professionally to achieve their desired financial goals.” To stay true to their vision, they hosted their 1st SIG Summit on September 29, 2015.

The SIG Summit hosted around 135 students, and everyone greatly enjoyed the opportunity to meaningfully interact with the distinguished panelists. Students gleaned from the wisdom and professional experience of the panelists, gained insight on how to achieve a successful career post-graduation, and received education on business related topics. Our distinguished panelists thoroughly enjoyed visiting our campus and sharing their wisdom and experience with students, and they were greatly impressed with the quality of SIG students!

SIG graciously thank their partners: FMA, BAP, ALPFA, WIB, NABA, Econ Club, SGA, the Division of Student Affairs, and Event Planning for their hard work and tremendous support ensuring the success of the first summit. A special thank you to the FIREL Department and the UNT Foundation for the mentorship provided to SIG members, and the continuous support to the organization.


Thank A UNT Teacher

Has a UNT teacher made a positive difference in your life? Let them know.

Outstanding teachers at UNT do make a difference for students. They make learning challenging and fun; they are available when needed; and they weather many storms with students to foster bright futures. When teachers have made this kind of a difference, many students wish for a way to say “Thanks”.

UNT students and alums have the opportunity to say “Thanks” through the “Thank a Teacher” Program here at UNT. Current students and alums will have until December 10, 2015 to complete the form at to share their thanks with their UNT teacher(s). You may complete as many of these forms as you wish (one for each teacher you wish to thank). You may also choose to remain anonymous. Your notes will be sent to your teachers as part of a letter of recognition from the Provost with copies to their Deans and Department Chairs!



image027If you have driven by Mean Green Village recently you may have noticed construction going on next to the Lovelace Softball Stadium. The new building going up will house concessions, a ticket office and restrooms for the softball complex.

This will be a great addition for our fans who attend both soccer and softball games.

CLICK HERE for the full story.


Click the links below to read further about what is happening in North Texas Athletics!




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