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Colleges and Schools Highlights

November 18th, 2014 Posted in Highlights

College of Education

How connected are college freshmen to their parents? Student study looks at electronic contact with Mom and Dad

image019How often do college freshmen talk with their parents by cell phone, text message or email in the first semester of college? And what kinds of parenting styles affect how frequently students communicate with their parents and how autonomous they are in their first year of college?

A University of North Texas College of Education doctoral student will examine these questions this fall in a doctoral dissertation about “Parenting Style, Frequency of Electronic Communication with Parents, and the Development of Autonomy in First-Year, First-Semester College Students.” Continued…

Education Leadership Conference set for Nov. 12


Educational researcher Michael Fullan, an internationally recognized expert on educational reform, will speak about “Leadership for Maximizing Impact in Schools and Districts” at this year’s University of North Texas’ Education Leadership Conference. More…

UNT earns grant to research adult literacy program this fall


This fall, University of North Texas students are designing and implementing an adult literacy program — called the Extensive Reading Program — in collaboration with the Denton Public Library, thanks to an $8,000 grant from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation. Read on…

Mayborn School of Journalism

UNT Mayborn Alumni Updates

  • Wendy Moore (M.J. 2008) is an assistant professor and faculty adviser for the Island Waves student newspaper at Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi.
  • Brantley Hargrove (B.A. 2006) of the Dallas Observer was a winner in the Metropolitan/Statewide Spot News category at the Dallas Bar Association Reporting Contest for his article headlined “The Killings in Kaufman.”
  • Amanda Gleason (M.J. 2011) has been named a senior communication specialist at Marketwave, a strategic public relations and digital marketing firm in Addison, Texas.
  • Noah Bunn (M.J. 2011) is the director of communications at First United Methodist Church of Dallas. He also is an adjunct instructor at UNT’s Mayborn School of Journalism and editorial director for Denton Live

UNT Community Engagement

With the help of a UNT Community Engagement Grant, UNT Management faculty are working with local family businesses through networking events and are delivering an undergraduate level family business course for the first time this fall. In November, the department will sponsor a Family Business Networking Breakfast to bring together students interested in family business, UNT alumni involved in family businesses, and other owners of family businesses in the area. Family businesses are unique from other businesses, because they have relationship, governance, and other family-level concerns that may not affect nonfamily businesses. The undergraduate course will help students identify these issues through a case written by faculty and a graduate student about Candy Haven and Cakes, a Denton family business owned by Jane Boyle. The undergraduate students will then compete as consultants to provide feasible and practical solutions to the case for Candy Haven.


Candy Haven and Cakes, the site of the family business case developed for UNT management students.


Jane Boyle, owner of Candy Haven and Cakes, was presented with the UNT Department of Management’s first ever “Family Business of the Year Award.”

Toulouse Graduate School

Beyond the Academy
PhD alumni present in career exploration workshop to current PhD students

Recently, the Toulouse Graduate School and Career Center held a workshop for current PhD students and postdoctoral scholars that included a panel of PhD alumni who have been successful in finding careers outside of academia. The keynote speaker for the event was Dr. Terry Brewer (’69 PhD), who spoke of his experiences in deciding whether to pursue life at the university or seek opportunities in industry that led to the company he founded. The workshop was designed to bring together alumni and students/postdocs to interact with each other and provide information about alternative careers. The panelists shared experiences that varied because of their disciplines, but all agreed that education and the economy must align in order to better incorporate PhDs into industry.

In reality, the vast majority of PhDs never hold a tenure-track job at a university or a liberal arts college. For example, only about 17% of engineering PhDs find their way into the academy, whereas about 25% of the physical and life science PhDs find academic positions.   However, 83% of earned doctorates say they were encouraged to seek teaching and research opportunities, whereas 64% who state they received less information than desired or no information about alternative careers.

Dr. Mark Wardell, dean of the Toulouse Graduate School, states why the event is so important. “Clearly, we have an obligation to provide our doctoral students opportunities to learn about the process of looking for employment outside the academy and the various reasons for doing so.”  Students attending the event called it “amazing”, “eye opening” and “informative”.

The alumni panel included:

  • Terry Brewer (’69 PhD) – President of Brewer Science
  • Helen Harkness (’78 PhD) – Author and founder of Career Design Foundation
  • Petronel Malan (’01 DMA) – Performance artist and entrepreneur
  • Freeman Moore (’95 PhD) – Raytheon (retired)
  • David Wachira (’13 PhD) – World Bank

Pictured from left to right: Dr. Terry Brewer, Dr. Freeman Moore, Dr. David Wachira, Dr. Petronel Malan. Not pictured: Dr. Helen Harkness

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