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Mean Green Game Day

October 15th, 2014 Posted in Alumni News

MEAN GREEN GAME DAY is all the rage this 2014 football season.
-Kim Phillips


Fans are pouring into Denton every home game to take advantage of the whole, uniquely Denton-centric, game day experience. Some arrive at Denton’s downtown entertainment district via the A-train. Others park where they can find a spot around downtown. Still others shuttle from their hotels to downtown. And everyone is greening up: filling up at Denton’s many local eateries, loosening up at favorite watering holes, and perusing shops for game day gear.

This all-new experience in Denton that seamlessly connects vibrant and original downtown to the Mean Green Tailgating Village and Apogee Stadium comes with free transportation. Dedicated Mean Green Game Day Shuttles, sponsored by the Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA), are comfy shuttles making two stops in downtown on the way to and from the UNT pedestrian bridge. No car necessary. No traffic dilemmas. No parking frustrations.

Fans swarm back into downtown after the game, too. Many catch some live music with a burger and beverages. Others linger over a nice steak and bottle of wine. Still others stay for the later hours when Denton’s nightlife scene really cranks up the volume.

The point is that the Mean Green Game Day experience is just so Denton. Everyone’s ideal game day is unique and yet everyone finds their ideal right here. That’s how we roll in Denton. We’re original and independent. And so are you.

Come on back to your alma mater. It’s a brand new Denton with same heart and soul.

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