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October 8th, 2012 Posted in Career Corner

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This fall 2012 semester, the UNT Career Center has enhanced the Alumni Mentor database in the Eagle Network.  We have expanded the educational and professional information areas to allow Alumni and Friends of UNT to better communicate their experiences to UNT student mentees. There has also been a Mentor-Drive in the Career Center’s Eagle Network and Linked-In communities to increase the number of Alumni Mentors in the Eagle Networks’ Mentor Match database.

The importance of the Mentor Match database for first and second year students cannot be overstated! More often than not, a first year or transfer student is required to select a major during the orientation process. They do not have much time to work through the career discovery process before they begin their major coursework. Having access to a database of Alumni Mentors to ask questions about their career path, or what they can do professionally with their major provides the student with invaluable career direction.

However, the benefits of the Mentor Match database is not reserved for first and second year students. Students in their Junior and Senior years are looking to mentors for information and networking necessary to get their first internship or their first job after graduation.

If you have any questions about being a mentor for a UNT student please contact Glenn Jensen at or 940-369-6525. If you are interested in participating in the UNT Career Center’s Mentor Match database please visit the Eagle Network at


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