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Alumni Recognition Tassel Program Launches

May 10th, 2012 Posted in Alumni News

The UNT Alumni Association is partnering with Jostens to recognize the newest members of the UNT Alumni Association. The Alumni Recognition Tassel provides an opportunity for graduating seniors to show off their mean green class spirit and get recognition at commencement.

All a graduate has to do is complete the GRADitude form found in their graduation packet. By filling out the form, each student signs over a $10 property damage deposit that they paid as part of their tuition during their first semester at UNT. In return, each student receives a year of full membership and benefits from the UNT Alumni Association.

Additionally, students become eligible to purchase the official Alumni Recognition Tassel to wear at graduation instead of the standard black tassel sold in the UNT bookstore. Each tassel features the school colors of green and white, the official UNT alumni Association logo, and the graduate’s class year. Each tassel sells for the price that corresponds to the class year. Thus, the tassels cost $20.12 this year.

After graduation, the tassel can be used to adorn diploma frames and display the graduate’s connection to their alumni association and alma mater.

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