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Colleges and Schools Highlights

June 9th, 2011 Posted in Highlights

College of Education

The College of Education recently awarded its Outstanding Dissertation Award to Ryan Holliman, recent graduate from the department of Counseling and Higher Education (CHE).

His dissertation focused on the development of a parent assessment report form – the Child Interpersonal Relationship and Attitude Assessment (CIRAA) – which marks a significant contribution to the field of play therapy. The CIRAA allows researchers to gain more pertinent data about the effects of play therapy, which will then influence practitioners’ use of it.

Holliman is the son of Laura Holliman, long-time staff member in the CHE. “Before my mother began working in the CHE, I was unaware of the existence of licensed professional counselors or play therapy,” said Ryan. “However, my mother sang the praises of the professors with whom she worked, and convinced me to take a few undergraduate classes in the CHE. After my first undergraduate counseling class, I was in love with it. Were it not for my mother, I doubt I would have discovered the field of counseling and play therapy, which has enriched my life so very much.”

Holliman has recently accepted a position at Walden University as a contributing faculty member in the mental health counseling program. He will continue to collaborate with his major professor, Dr. Dee Ray, to develop the CIRAA further, with the eventual goal of making it available commercially to researchers and clinicians.

College of Information

Places and Spaces: Mapping Science- A traveling exhibit from the University of Indiana of more than 70 maps, interactive globes and illustrated diagrams. This exhibit was created to demonstrate the power of maps to not only assist people with navigating and managing physical places, but also abstract topic spaces. The exhibit’s first stop in Texas will be the University of North Texas. UNT will also be the world premier site of the 10 new maps that are visual interfaces to digital libraries. Exhibits will be held at the Discovery Park building September 28th, 2011 – Jan 28th, 2012.

Cost is free. For more information contact

College of Public Affairs and Community Service

After a 55-year journey, Burlyce Logan donned her cap and gown to graduate this May. Logan was one of the first black students to integrate UNT in 1956. After two years of struggles, Logan left UNT and north Texas. However, a desire for a college diploma brought her back to the UNT campus in 2001 and on May 14, 2011, she graduated with a 3.1 grade point average and a bachelor’s degree in public affairs. She plans to be back in the fall to begin work on a master’s degree. Logan is the third of the 11 black students who enrolled in 1956 to receive a degree from UNT.

Watch a video interview with Burlyce Logan.

College of Visual Arts and Design

What started out as elementary school children’s drawings of monsters with many eyes and hairy arms turned into original 12-inch stuffed animals. Students taking an introductory 3D art class made the creations, based on sketches drawn by second grade students at Hodge Elementary School, as part of a dual-class assignment and outreach project called “Taming the World’s Monsters.” The goal of the assignment was to show how the process of a real-life art commission works. The second-graders were paired with 17 UNT art students, who used a variety of materials to create the creatures. When they were complete, the stuffed-animal monsters were presented to the second graders along with a response letter about how they were created.

School of Merchandising and Hospitality Management

Lane Cardwell, UNT Distinguished Alumnus and founding member of the UNT hospitality management board of governors, was recently named as the president of P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, a $1 billion concept in the upscale casual dining category. Cardwell brings more than 32 years of experience in the restaurant business including his most recent post as president and CEO of Boston Market, Inc. He has worked on the development of 35 different restaurant chains, holding executive positions with industry leaders such as Brinker International, Eatzi’s Market and Bakery, and S & A Restaurant Corporation.

To stay current on industry trends, Cardwell makes it a point to eat in at least 600 restaurants each year, a feat not easily accomplished but necessary to understand evolving consumer tastes. He attributes much of his success to his keen ability to stay ahead of the curve. He offers this advice to students looking to launch their careers: “Growing companies always promote faster than companies that are not growing. Always look for the upward trend.”

Cardwell, a native Texan, completed a bachelor’s degree from Southern Methodist University and a master’s in business administration in finance. In 1997, he was recognized as the UNT Distinguished Alumnus of the Year for his career achievements and his involvement with the UNT hospitality management program. Don’t be surprised if you catch a glimpse of this UNT soaring eagle at your local neighborhood restaurant!

UNT Institute for the Advancement of the Arts/ UNT on the Square

Do you own artwork produced prior to 1970 by a UNT faculty member?  If so, would you consider loaning it to UNT on the Square for an exhibition that will be held December 2011 through February 2012 featuring eight decades of art at UNT?  Contact us if you are interested or if you have a piece and wish to verify that it is by a UNT artist. For more information on the UNT Institute for the Advancement of the Arts, contact us at 940-369-8257 or visit


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